10 Benefits and Uses of Rosemary Essential Oil 

1. May improve brain function 

A study of 20 young healthy adults randomly assigned to diffuse rosemary oil in a small room found that speed and accuracy increased with oil diffusion time. 

2. Stimulates hair growth 

Women can lose hair to alopecia, or male pattern baldness. Alopecia can result from testosterone attacking hair follicles.For six months, men with androgenetic alopecia who massaged diluted rosemary oil twice a day gained hair thickness like minoxidil users. 

3. May relieve pain 

Herbalists use rosemary to relieve mild pain. Also studied as a non-pharmaceutical pain management aid. A rosemary oil blend with acupressure for 20 minutes twice daily reduced shoulder pain in stroke survivors by 30% in a two-week study. Acupressure alone reduced pain by 15%.

4. Repels Certain Bugs

Instead of chemicals, rosemary oil can repel garden and biting insects. The rosemary-oil-based pesticide EcoTrol reduced two-spotted spider mites on greenhouse tomato plants by 52% without harming them. Blood-sucking insects that spread viruses and bacteria are repelled by rosemary. 

5. May reduce stress 

Many things cause stress, including school tests. Essential oil of rosemary may reduce test anxiety. Without rosemary oil, nursing students' pulses didn't change by 9% before and during tests.  Because increased pulse rates indicate short-term stress and anxiety, rosemary oil may naturally reduce stress. 

6. May boost circulation 

Common complaints include poor circulation. Hands and feet may show it much. During warm weather, rosemary oil can warm fingers and toes. In one study, a woman with Raynaud's disease warmed her hands more with a rosemary oil blend than a neutral oil. Thermal imaging confirmed these effects. 

7. May energise you 

Folk medicine uses rosemary oil for mental fatigue.  20 healthy young adults who inhaled rosemary oil felt 30% more mentally refreshed and 25% less drowsy than those who inhaled a placebo.  This alertness increase matched brain wave changes. 

8. May ease joint pain

Non-drug pain and inflammation treatments are poorly studied. Rosemary oil may reduce tissue inflammation that causes swelling, pain, and stiffness, according to preliminary research.It may prevent white blood cells from migrating to injured tissues to release inflammatory chemicals, according to lab studies. 

9. Other uses 

Additional rosemary oil uses are being studied, but human studies are lacking.Test-tube studies don't compare to human inhalation or topical essential oil research.Do not give rosemary oil orally, as some animal studies have done. Avoid swallowing essential oils. 

10. Simple to use

Inhale or apply rosemary oil. Only a few drops are needed because it's concentrated. Its small bottles have plastic droppers for dispensing single droplets. Although some manufacturers say their essential oils are safe to swallow, 

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