10 Simple Ways To Help You Cut Your Hair At Home

Brush hair to detangle. Then, evenly part your hair from centre to nape with a rat-tail comb. Bring left and right ends forward. Choose your length and secure with elastic bands. Cut the loose ends with scissors. 

1. Shoulder-Length Hair

Detangle hair with comb. Middle-parted hair is achieved by running the rat-tail comb from the centre.Gather some front strands into a triangular section and clip most back.Pull and comb front hairs. Cutting hair below your chin with scissors and two fingers underneath is precise. 

2. Curtain Bang

Clip several sections of hair, leaving one out. Comb the loose section to remove knots and tangles. Use vertical scissors to trim hair ends. The point-cut method. Later, check for split ends. Clip this and continue. 

3. Split End

Fully detangle and comb your hair. Use a brush for straight or fine hair. For curly hair, use a wide-toothed comb. Bend forward and flip your hair. Tie it in a ponytail two inches below your hairline. Brush your hair again and tie another elastic band at the cut. 

4. Long Layers

Curly hair should never be cut wet. Never stretch curly hair when cutting. I know most stylists straighten curly before cutting. But here's how to cut curly hair yourself properly. 

5. Trimming Curly Hair

Put your hair in a ponytail before crowning. Hold the ponytail with elastic.Put a second elastic band where you want to cut your hair. Cut your ponytail straight up above the second elastic band. Use a point-cut to feather your hair ends. 

6. Unicorn Ponytail Cut

Split your hair midway. At the nape, divide your hair into two sections.Apply elastic bands to each section.Put two more elastic bands where you want to cut your hair.Drop an elastic band.Cut below both sections' second elastic bands.Asymmetrical bobs are made by cutting one section steeper. 

7. Asymmetrical Bob Cut

Divide your hair into a triangle with a rat-tail comb for a full centre bang. Separate and cut this hair section evenly across. Soften ends with point-cutting. Cut this section of hair just below your eyebrows and lengthen it to your ears for a tapered fringe. 

8. Straight Bangs

Divide your hair into four equal sections—two front and two back. Stretch bands secure all four sections.Before cutting, tie four more elastic bands to each section. Cut straight hair below the second elastic band. This helps cut sections. 

9. Blunt Cut

Temple-to-crown front and tie!Pick a ponytail length. Allow adjustments by cutting longer.Ponytail sectioned hair to desired length. Straighten ponytails with sharp scissors.Check ponytail evenness without clips. Trim small areas for finesse.Make the cut front ponytail match your hair for polish. 

10. Front Ponytail

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