2 Rare Dimes and RaRe Bicentennial Quarter Worth $19 Million Dollars Each Are Still in Circulation

Numismatists love rare coins now in circulation. Despite their link with museums and antiques, some stunning coins may be visible. This article discusses two rare dimes and a $19 million Bicentennial Quarter that covertly exchange hands. 

The rare 1969-S dime trades daily. The San Francisco ten-cent sculpture has a great story. Amazing 1969-S penny costs $19 million. 

A Small Coin with a Big Price: 1969-S Dime 

Enter a time capsule with the 1970-S dime, another simple coin with a wonderful tale. Unknown penny because to insufficient production figures. Rare 1970-S dime may never have been released.  

The 1970-S Dime: Unimaginable Rarity 

Changes to the 1976 US Bicentennial Quarter can make it worth millions. Notable Bicentennial Quarter faults include no mintmark or doubled die obverse.  

Bicentennial Quarter: Patriotic Treasure Hunt 

Identifying rare coins in a sea of ordinary currency may seem difficult, but a trained eye can help. Coin mintmarks, dates, and design abnormalities are important to numismatists and collectors.  

How to Identify These Rare Coins in Circulation

Numismatics combines art, history, and discovery. Through coin shows, online communities, and pocket change searches, collectors share knowledge. A rare coin or quarter worth $19 million thrills collectors worldwide.  

Coin Collecting and Its Fans 

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