9 Benefits of Binaural Beats (Sleep, Focus, Meditation)

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Earphones that play slightly different notes in each ear cause our brain to perceive the loudness to pulse (oscillate) at a fixed pace. This is a ‘beat.’Tuning two guitar strings causes the same issue. A slow throbbing pulse between the strings' tones appears as the frequencies approach closer. 

1) Anxiety 

In a brief trial of 15 persons, 30-minute binaural beats in theta frequency range (3-8 Hz) alleviated minor anxiety symptoms.  Multiple studies suggest that binaural beats minimise preoperative anxiety in surgery patients. 

2) Focus & Attention

A short research of 36 persons found that 3 minutes of gamma (40 Hz) binaural beats improved visual attention. People that listened to 30 min of beta (16-24 Hz) binaural beats were more attentive and vigilant. 

3) Memory 

A few promising research suggest binaural beats may improve numerous forms of memory. Alpha binaural beats improved working memory in 28 subjects A 32-person study indicated that beta (20 Hz) binaural beats boosted long-term memory, while theta (5 Hz) beats diminished it.

4) Mood and Emotional State 

A short study found that 30 min of theta (7 Hz) binaural beats reduced daily tension, disorientation, and exhaustion. After hearing beta (16 and 24 Hz) binaural beats, 29 individuals felt happier and less depressed.  

5) Creativity

In a research of 24 participants, listening to 3 minutes of alpha (10 Hz) or gamma (40 Hz) binaural beats boosted divergent thinking, the ability to find different solutions to a problem. 

6) Pain Perception

In 28 chronic pain patients, theta binaural beats (6 Hz) reduced pain severity. 

7) Meditation

One study found that 30 min of theta (6 Hz) binaural beats helped individuals meditate deeply. Meditation reduces stress, blood pressure, inflammation, and pain perception, so binaural beats may aid meditators enhance their health. 

8) Cognitive Flexibility

40 subjects who listened to 3 minutes of gamma (40 Hz) binaural beats had improved cognitive flexibility 

9) Sleep Quality

A brief research of 15 people found that theta binaural beats improved sleep quality.  

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