9 Health Benefits of Vitamin B12 

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Your body needs vitamin B12, often known as cobalamin, but cannot create it. Natural in animal products, added to foods, and available as an oral supplement or injectable. B12 plays several roles in the body. It helps neuron cells, red blood cells, and DNA production.  

1. Promotes Red Blood Cell Production And Anemia Prevention

Vitamin B12 is essential for red blood cell production. Vitamin B12 deficiency inhibits red blood cell production and development. Vitamin B12 insufficiency causes big, oval red blood cells.  

2. May Avoid Major Birth Defects

Vitamin B12 is essential for pregnant wellness. Early pregnancy vitamin B12 deficiency may raise the chance of neural tube abnormalities. Maternal vitamin B12 insufficiency may cause premature birth or pregnancy loss.  

3. May Enhance Bone Health And Prevent Osteoporosis

Maintaining vitamin B12 levels may help bones Low mineral density bones might become weak and prone to osteoporosis. Research from 2021 also linked low vitamin B12 levels to poor bone health and osteoporosis or fracture risk.  

4. May Lower Macular Degeneration Risk

Central vision is affected by macular degeneration.  High B vitamin consumption is linked to decreased rates of advanced age-related macular degeneration.  

5. May Help Mood And Despair

Vitamin B12 may improve mood. Review of 2019 research A study of dozens of research indicated that lower vitamin B12 levels are a risk factor for depression, even without clear evidence that B12 affects depression or depressive symptoms.   

6. May improve memory and brain

Vitamin B12 deficiency can impair memory in older people. Vitamin B12 may slow cognitive decline in early-stage dementia individuals with increased omega-3 fatty acid levels. Lower omega-3 fatty acid levels did not improve mental health.  

7. B12 deficiency may lower energy  

Energy-boosting vitamin B12 pills have long been recommended. However, clinical research contradicts that. All B vitamins help your body produce energy, but they don't offer it. Deficient vitamin B12 causes exhaustion and a loss of energy.  

8. May promote hair, skin, and nail health  

Vitamin B12 shortages or excesses can harm skin, hair, and nails. Hyperpigmentation, nail discoloration, hair changes, vitiligo, and cheek, lip, mouth, and tongue canker sores are possible.  

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