A Michigan Man Wins $1m After Buying A $10 Lottery Ticket The Day After His Wedding

The day after they got married, a man in Michigan gave his wife a $10 scratch ticket. They were shocked when they learned they had won the $1 million grand prize.

A groom chose to give his new bride a Michigan Lottery scratch card the day after they got married. They were shocked when they won $1 million. The Michigan Lottery said that the couple quickly went from "hearing wedding bells to seeing dollar signs."

The Michigan Lottery says the 57-year-old winner, who chose to remain anonymous, bought the "Diamond & Pearls" scratch-off ticket for $10 at a store in Livingston County.

The scratch ticket showed a circle, which meant the jackpot winner would get $1 million.The winner talked about how shocked he and his wife were when they found out they had won.

The man told the Michigan Lottery, "We read the rules over and over to make sure we really won." He said: "It was an exciting couple of days for us." The couple chose to get the money all at once, in the form of a lump sum payment of about $693,000. The Michigan Lottery said this was their choice.

Emily Irwin, who works for Wells Fargo Bank and helps lottery winners decide how to spend their winnings, told Insider that taking the lump sum is often better because it gives you access to your money right away and long-term control over how it is invested.

She did say, though, that lottery winners might choose to get payments over a set number of years as an annuity. This can give them "peace of mind" and a long-term financial safety net. The couple who won told the Michigan Lottery that they are going to put their money into investments.

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