Coconut Cream Cake Recipe 

This soft, savoury Coconut Cream Cake with white chiffon layers is the lightest, tenderest, moist white cake I've ever found. It is filled with coconut pastry cream and topped with whipped cream and coconut.  


White Chiffon Cake Layer – 2 ¼ cup sifted cake flour (225 grams or 8 ounces) – 1 cup sugar, + 1 tablespoon (215 grams or 7 ½ ounces) – 2 teaspoons baking powder – ¾ teaspoon salt – ⅓ cup non-fat dry milk (30 grams or 1 ounce)* –½ cup vegetable oil –⅓ cup water – 3 eggs, separated – 2 teaspoons vanilla extract –2 teaspoons almond extract – ⅔ cup water –½ teaspoon cream of tarter – ½ cup granulated sugar (100 grams or 3 ½ ounces) – * If you don't have access to dry milk powder, substitute 1 cup of milk or half and half for the 1 cup of water. All the rest is the same. Pastry Cream – 1 teaspoon unflavored gelatin – 1 tablespoon cold water – 1 ⅓ cup milk – 4 large egg yolk – ½ cup granulated sugar (100 grams or 3 ½ ounces) – 3 tablespoon flour (40 grams or 1 ½ ounces) – 1 teaspoon vanilla extract Assembly – 1 cup heavy cream – 3 tablespoons powdered sugar (22 grams or ¾ ounce) – Pastry Cream, chilled – 2 cups Coconut Sweetened and shredded (170 grams or 6 ounces) – 3 White Chiffon Cake Layers, thawed if frozen Frosting –  ½ cup heavy cream – ⅓ cup powdered sugar (40 grams or 1 ⅓ ounces) – 1 teaspoon vanilla – 3 cups Coconut Sweetened and shredded (255 grams or 9 ounces)



Spray-coated white chiffon cake layers with 3 9x2 inch round pan centres. Spray only parchment centre. Baking Pan Prep has more. Preheat the oven to 350°F.  


Combine flour, sugar, baking powder, salt, dry milk, vegetable oil, ⅓ cup water, egg yolks, vanilla, and almond extracts in a bowl. Mix medium 2 minutes, scraping. 


Slow the mixer and add ⅔ cup water halfway through, mixing thoroughly after each addition. Liquidate mixtures. Whisk egg whites and cream of tarter until soft peaks form in a clean bowl. To produce medium firm peaks, add spoonfuls of remaining sugar.  


Smooth meringue, not sandy. Mix until tongue-smooth. Add ¼ of the beaten whites to the batter, then fold in the rest. Distribute batter evenly across pans (about 320 grammes or 11 ¼ ounces each).  


Bake 14–18 min. Gently pressing clean testers returns. Light-colored cakes.Pan-cooled layers disintegrate and pull apart. Creamy PastrySoften gelatin in water and set aside. Small saucepan milk should heat but not boil. In a non-reactive bowl, mix egg yolks and sugar. Stir in flour. Carefully add heated milk.  


Strain the mixture into a medium saucepan. Whip constantly over medium heat until boiling. Cook one minute.Heating gelatin cracks without melting. Add them to the heated mixture. Slowly add vanilla.  


Put in bowl. Holes, plastic wrap Bring room pastry cream. 6 hours, 4–5 days refrigerated, 2 months frozen. Cool overnight and use.  


2 cups yield Full and JoinMix powdered sugar and cream until stiff. Transfer to another bowl.Microwave cold pastry cream 30–40 seconds. Whisk well. Cool to room temperature.  


Combine pastry cream and whipped cream. Mix coconut into filling. One-layer cake tray. Place ½ inch of 390 g (13 ⅔ oz) filling on each cake layer. Apply remaining filling to next cake layer. Third cake tier.  


Finishing Beat heavy cream and powdered sugar stiff. Apply whipped cream on cake and sides. Press coconut on cake sides and top. Refrigerate overnight.  


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