How To Care For Hanging Basket Plants – From Purchase To Disposal!

Choose Healthy Plants:- Choose hanging basket plants that have healthy, brightly coloured leaves and no pests or diseases. Check the roots; stay away from plants whose roots are broken or crowded together.  

1. Purchase

Be gentle with plants when you move them to keep the stems and leaves from getting damaged. Keep the plants safe from harsh weather or strong winds.  

2. Transportation

Sunlight:- Place the hanging basket in full sun, medium shade, or shade according to your plants' sunlight needs. Maintain airflow.  Temperature:- Protect plants from harsh winter and summer temperatures.  Wind Protection:-Hang the basket away from strong gusts to avoid damage.  

3. Placement

Regular Watering:-Regularly check soil moisture and water when the top inch feels dry. Adjust frequency to plant water demands.  Avoid Waterlogged Soil:- Drain properly to avoid waterlogging and root rot.  

4. Watering

Apply balanced liquid fertiliser every 2-4 weeks during the growing season. Use fertiliser as directed on the package.  

5. Fertilizing

Regularly remove dead or fading flowers to promote blooming. To keep the plant compact, cut back lanky stems.  

6. Pruning and Deadheading

Regularly check for pests and treat immediately. Infected plants should be isolated to avoid disease spread.  

7. Pest and Disease Control

Help hanging or vining plants keep their shape by giving them support. You can train plants by gently moving them to the places you want.  

8. Support and Training

Overwintering:- Protect or bring delicate plants indoors in winter. Cut down overgrowth before winter storage. Summer Care:- Provide enough water in summer. If necessary, block midday sun.  

9. Seasonal Consideration

Season End:- Assess plant health after the growing season. Try replanting or starting over next season. Composting:- If the plant dies, compost its organic matter. Non-compostable parts should be discarded. Container Recycling:- Recycle or reuse the hanging basket and containers.  

10. Disposal

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