How To Keep Mice Out Of Cars, Campers & Stored Equipment In The Winter

Looking for some simple ways to keep mice out of your winterized cars, mowers, tents, and other gear?  

Winter Mice Damage – How To Keep Mice Out Of Cars, Equipment & More

Mice gnaw through everything to build winter nests. Equipment wiring and insulation. Cloth and leather car seats, cardboard, plastic and even your gas grill's propane hose.  

To build nests, they will eat through everything. In addition, they leave a strong odour from their urine and faeces. All of it can cause pricey repairs and headaches.  

The worst is starting your lawnmower in spring and seeing all the wires chewed. Or finding ripped upholstery in your cherished old truck.Can you keep mice out of your equipment? When sitting outside or not in a mouse-proof structure?  

How To Keep Mice Out Of Equipment In The Winter – Naturally!

What prevents winter mouse nesting in your equipment? Using peppermint and cinnamon, which they despise! Mice search for winter homes, but shun stinky ones. Peppermint and cinnamon bother mice most.  

Peppermint has traditionally repelled insects and ticks. The amazing powers of cinnamon protect many garden produce and flowers. Cinnamon Deters Garden and Flowerbed Pests.   

Together, they repel mice fiercely! There's a better way to discourage rodents than putting fresh cinnamon sticks and peppermint leaves in your gear. Fresh scents are strong, but pure oils are stronger. Mice detest it!  

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