How to Use Dry Shampoo the Right Way 

Dry shampoo has many beauty benefits. It instantly absorbs oil, volumizes day-old hair, and prolongs blowouts.Popular but difficult to apply dry shampoo (hello chalk-white roots). Like regular shampoo, dry shampoo comes in aerosols, tinted powders, sprays, and foams and works best on different hair types and textures. Consider dry shampooing. 

Dry shampoo comes in aerosol, spray, powder, and foam, and the type you use matters. If you have fine hair, powder may weigh it down. 

1. How to Choose the Right Dry Shampoo

Before spraying aerosol, spray, and foam dry shampoos in your hair, shake the bottle, says Appleton. Powder doesn't need shaking. This will ensure the product's formula is evenly distributed inside the bottle and on your scalp.” 

Step 1: Prep & Part

Remember to aim directly at the roots and hold the bottle one foot (12 inches) away. “Keeping your hair away from the aerosol bottle is crucial,” 

Step 2: Aim and Apply 

The speed at which dry shampoo works is one of its greatest advantages. Allow extra time before leaving to get the best results. 

Step 3: Pause & Massage

Dry shampoo is not meant to replace real shampoo, as you know. Dry shampoo can damage your scalp and hair if used too often. 

How Long Does Dry Shampoo Last? 

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