Spritz Bars Recipe 

Instead of piping cookies, these Spritz Bars are faster and as tasty. Pearl sugar adds crunch and makes these exceptional year-round.  


– 1 cup unsalted European butter, softened (225 grams, 2 sticks) – ½ cup granulated sugar (100 gramss) – 1 tablespoon almond extract – 2 egg yolk –3 cups cake flour (375 grams) – Swedish Pearl sugar (about 225 gram – 2 to 3 ounces semisweet chocolate (85 grams)



Preheat oven to 350°F/175°C. Stock multiple parchment-lined baking pans.Mix butter, sugar, and almond extract. Combine cream.Whisk egg yolks lightly.Mix thoroughly after slowly adding flour. Obtain sticky dough. Rightly so.  


Both sides of the pan should have two-inch wax paper or foil overhangs. Roll dough between wax paper to 18"x13". We predict a thickness of ⅛”. A half-sheet pan.  


Roll each half of dough into a 9x13" rectangle. Sprinkle pearl sugar on dough and press. Completely cover and push pearl sugar into dough. Partially freeze. We need firmness. 


Cut the dough into 2 ½ x 1 ¼ inch rectangles. Using Oreo Taco dough cutter. I like how identical bars cut easily. Slit longitudinally into 1 ¼” strips. Adjust to 2 ½” size and cut crosswise. Done!  


Ruler and knife cut bars. Both doughs must be firm and cold. Remove cookies' paper with a spatula before baking. They may fall 2–4. Break 4x4s along cuts and place on half-sheet pans.  


Frozen Spritz Bars. Remove cookies' paper with a spatula before baking.They may fall 2–4. Break 4x4s along cuts and place on half-sheet pans. 


Bake until sides are gently browned, 12–14 minutes. Do not overbake. TO END Half-power microwave or simmering water melt semisweet chocolate. Pour on cookies. Chocolate should set before storage. About 48 Spritz Bars  


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