Top 10 Remedies to get rid of Scars 

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Those seeking scar reduction should try creams and natural remedies. Surgical procedures can often improve scars if this method fails. These remedies use ingredients in their natural form, not in gels or creams. 

1. Natural scar remedies

Some people find natural cures work for them and don't have much scientific evidence, so if you're worried about procedures or medical costs, you might try them.  

2. Sun protection

Sun cream may not reduce scars, but it can prevent burning. Protecting scarred skin from the sun is crucial for maintaining health and preventing unwanted side effects. 

3. Aloe vera 

Aloe vera gel maybe one of the most popular acne scar treatments. While there's limited evidence the gel will remove or alleviate these scars, it has been demonstrated to assist wound healing and keep skin moist, which may prevent scarring. It also reduces scar tightness. 

4. Onion extract  

In four weeks, onion extract gels can soften and heal scars, according to some research. The extract's efficacy on older scars is unknown, thus it's preferable to treat them early.  

5. Vitamin E

Collagen buildup could be slowed down by massaging with vitamin E oils. This could help smooth out scars that are raised. See if it helps by rubbing for four to five minutes three or four times a day. 

6. Honey  

While there is some evidence that honey can help wounds heal, there is no evidence that it can fade scars. 

7. Coconut oil 

Coconut oil is another natural skin healer. This may reduce scarring. Repeat three or four times a day for five minutes. After that, cleanse your face. If you have oily skin, avoid coconut oil. 

8. Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar's acidity may minimise scarring by eliminating the top layer of skin. Be cautious to dilute vinegar before applying. Otherwise, you risk greater damage. 

9. Lavender and tea tree oil

Lavender and tea tree oils may reduce inflammation and aid skin healing, minimising scarring. Scars are less likely to fade. Always dilute essential oils before applying to skin. 

10. Lemon

Lemon and honey are common home treatments, and they appear in natural scar therapies. Lemon's acidity can remove upper skin layers to decrease scars and improve skin tone [3]. Diluting lemon juice with honey before applying may reduce irritation. 

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