What Causes Love Handles And How To Get Rid Of Them

Love handles are excess fat around the waist and sides. You appear padded or bulged. Love handles can result from several factors, thus you need to adjust your lifestyle.  


For side splits, there are a few different ways to change the move from easy to hard. To do the side plank properly, you need to:  

1. Side plank 

It's easy to want to rush through bicycle crunches, but you need to move slowly and carefully.  

2. Bicycle crunche

Another seated exercise. Add weight to change it. Start this exercise without weight if you're new. After getting used to it, you can carry a hand weight, filled water bottle, or soup or vegetable can to add resistance.  

3. Russian twist

As you work out your muscles with this move, it can help your heart rate go up. As you get stronger, work up to going faster.  

4. Mountain climber

This exercise not only targets the lower back, it’s also great for your glutes 

5. Bridge

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