6 Easy Ways to Get Water Out of Your Ears 

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Add water, blow dry, or use different ear drops to drain your ears.Water exposure can cause ear canal water, but swimming is most common. This may tickle your ear. These feelings may affect your throat or jawbone. Hearing loss or muffling may occur. 

1. Jiggle Your Earlobe

This first method may immediately remove water from your ear. Wiggle your earlobe while tilting your head towards your shoulder. Shake your head in this position too. 

2. Let gravity work 

Water can drain from your ear with gravity. Lie on your side with your head on a towel to absorb water (a few minutes). The water may slowly drain from your ear. 

3. Create a vacuum 

This creates a vacuum that may draw water out. Tilt your head sideways and seal your ear to your cupped palm. Flatten and cup your hand as you rapidly push and pull towards your ear. For water drainage, tilt your head down. 

4. Use a blow dryer 

Ear canal water may evaporate with a blow dryer. Set your blow dryer to low. Move the hair dryer back-and-forth about a foot from your ear. Let warm air into your ear by pulling on your earlobe. 

5. Try eardrops or sprays 

Consider eardrops after swimming if your doctor advises them. OTC eardrops may soften impacted earwax that blocks water exit. Some formulations repel water and reduce infection. 

6. Try more water 

It may seem counterintuitive, but this method can drain your ear Fill the affected ear with water using a clean dropper while lying on your side Turn over with the affected ear down after 5 seconds. Drain the water completely. 

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