Eight Best $Ten-Million Priced Rare Bicentennial Quarter and 6 More Worth Over $100K

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Numismatists love rare, valuable coins. Rare Bicentennial Quarters cost almost $10 million. The eight rarest ten-million dollar Bicentennial quarters and six more over $100,000 are here. Discover numismatic marvels that intrigue collectors worldwide.  

1  The $Ten-Million Marvel: 1976 Bicentennial Quarter

This exquisite Bicentennial Quarter has unusual minting anomalies, historical significance, and perfect preservation. Its $10 million price makes it the crown jewel among numismatic rarities.  

2  Dancing with Liberty: Bicentennial Quarter Serie

Intricate designs of Liberty dancing among the stars in Bicentennial Quarters. Collectors love this limited series' artwork and symbolism, therefore these rare coins are worth millions.  

3  The Enigmatic ’76-S Silver Proof: A $Ten-Million Rarity

Among the Bicentennial Quarters, the '76-S Silver Proof is numismatically remarkable. With only a handful in existence, this coin has surpassed ten million dollars, thrilling collectors and investors.  

4  Pristine Preservation: The $Ten-Million Mint Condition Quarter

This Bicentennial Quarter's immaculate condition is rare and exceptional. This rare piece of history is sought for by numismatic collectors.  

5  The ’76-D Drummer Boy Delight: A $Ten-Million Masterpiece

Featuring the iconic Drummer Boy design, this ’76-D Bicentennial Quarter has achieved legendary status in the numismatic community. Its rarity, coupled with the historical significance of the design, has propelled its value to a staggering ten million dollars. 

6  The Silver Lining: Bicentennial Quarters in Rare Silver

A few silver Bicentennial Quarters shine in this distinguished collection. Silver specimens worth over $100,000 are a unique investment opportunity for rarity and precious metal collectors.  

7  State-of-the-Art Minting: The Technologically Advanced Bicentennial Quarter

Technologically improved minting procedures distinguish several $Ten-Million Bicentennial Quarters. History and modern craftsmanship give these coins high numismatic worth.  

8  Collector’s Dream: The ’76-P Doubled Die Obverse

Collectors and investors love the ’76-P Doubled Die Obverse Bicentennial Quarter. With its obverse doubling effect, this coin has sold for 10 million dollars, making it a must-have for numismatics.  


Some Bicentennial Quarters are worth millions more. From $Ten-Million rarities to $100,000 pieces, each coin represents history, artistry, and numismatic perfection. Bicentennial Quarters are attractive to collectors who seek these rare coins.  


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