Old Fashioned Italian Easter Meat Pie-Pizza Gaina Recipe

Old Fashioned Italian Easter Meat Pie-Pizza Gaina Recipe :-Pizzagaina, which is also known as Italian Easter pie, is a savoury delight that is eagerly awaited during the Easter season. The preparation of it can be quite a challenge, but I have a recipe that is condensed and simplified for you here. Despite the fact that Italian nonnis may curse me, it tastes fantastic!

Old Fashioned Italian Easter Meat Pie-Pizza Gaina Recipe


what’s needed for italian easter meat pie-pizzagaina?

  • Baking soda and flour
  • Roughly chop the eggs
  • add them to the butter.
  • Mortadella salami Parmigiano-Reggiano
  • pecorino ham prosciutto crudo salami mortadella



  • 4 unbaked pie crusts measuring 9 inches in diameter, divided
  • 2 containers of whole-milk ricotta cheese, each containing 16 ounces
  • Shredded mozzarella cheese equaling one cup
  • 2 full-sized eggs
  • One-half of a pound of sweet capicola (coppa).
  • Hot capicola (coppa) one-half of a pound.
  • A quarter of a pound of pepperoni.
  • The egg white of one big egg, lightly beaten.



  1. Ham meat with cubes. You can cut sliced meat by rolling it and slicing it, or you can use scissors to chop it. Cut mozzarella into cubes. Mix the ricotta and the basket cheese together in a very big bowl. Include fifteen eggs.
  2. Using a whisk, stir by hand. To the mixture, add three heaping tablespoons. The cubed meat and cheese should be mixed in after the cheese has been grated.
  3. Oil and melted butter should be brushed onto the pan. Make the dough and lay it out. Add the cheese and meat mixture. After adding the top layer of dough, squeeze the seams of the bottom and top layers of dough together tightly.
  4. Apply oil to the surface, and then egg. Using shredded cheese, sprinkle the top. Utilising a large fork, create an Easter cross to vent. God bless you.
  5. Bake at 375 degrees for ten minutes, then 350 degrees for sixty minutes, and finally 325 degrees for thirty-five to forty minutes.
  6. To remove from the oven. Spread melted butter on top of the dish. Relax for two to three hours. Rotate the large board so that it is upside down overnight.
  7. The pizza should be carefully covered with a dish towel, paper towel, and foil. Bring to a close. Serve at least midday on Easter Saturday, if not later.


what does the name pizza gain aka as pizzagaina mean?

  • Therefore, you will never come across the term “pizzagaina” or “pizza gain” in Italy. It is very likely that you may hear of a pizza chena, also known as a pizza chiena (which is the Neapolitan dialect for pizza piena, which means “full pie”).
  • t was known to me as a traditional Italian Easter Ham Pie (torta di Pasqua) when I was child.


how much meat is needed for this pie?

  • When it comes to the meats, this recipe calls for two pounds. You could do a variety of sausage (spicy or mild), ham, salami, capicola (we usually have a chunk of homemade capicola from my Italian mother-in-law on hand), mortadella.
  • Most of the time, I do mine without using sausage. You are free to include it, however!





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