10 Classic Deli Sandwiches You Can Make at Home

10 Classic Deli Sandwiches You Can Make at Home:-There are times when you really want a great sandwich—not just any sandwich, but one that they serve all the time at your local deli. These deli sandwich recipes let you make the real thing in the comfort of your own home, whether you want to save some money or just turn your kitchen counter into a deli counter. Take a look at our list of favourite deli sandwiches, melts, wraps, and even some twists that you should try.

10 Classic Deli Sandwiches You Can Make at Home

1. Pickled Egg Salad Sandwich

Avocado-Egg Salad sandwiches with Pickled Celery Recipe | MyRecipes

  • Pickle your eggs first if you want to give your egg salad a little kick.
  • This is a great new take on an old favourite, and you might even decide it’s your new favourite egg salad sandwich.

2. Italian Subs

Italian Sub Sandwich Recipe

  • “Wow, these are definitely Italian subs from a restaurant!” says reviewer Jillian.
  • “I mean why order out when you can make these yourself at home with fantastic results.”

3. Caprese Salad Sandwiches

Caprese Sandwich – A Couple Cooks

  • On this list, the caprese is one of the few sandwiches that doesn’t have meat.
  • However, the big slices of buffalo mozzarella make up for it.
  • To make that cheese really sing, you need fresh tomatoes and basil, salt and pepper, balsamic vinegar, and artisan bread.

4. Awesome Turkey Sandwich

10 Best Leftover Turkey Sandwiches - What to Make with Turkey

  • The simple turkey sandwich is proof that sometimes the simplest deli sandwich is the best one.
  • With just mayo, mustard, tomatoes, lettuce, and a deli-style turkey sandwich, this one is pretty simple.
  • But if you want to make it a little fancier, FORTUNATEPASS suggests adding sliced avocado and crunchy bean sprouts.

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10 Classic Deli Sandwiches You Can Make at Home
10 Classic Deli Sandwiches You Can Make at Home

5. Reuben Sandwich

Reuben Sandwich - Once Upon a Chef

  • “I haven’t eaten at Rueben because of sauerkraut,” says reviewer Michelle H. “Even though I had doubts, we decided to try this recipe! This sandwich tastes great and is ready in no time.
  • The sauerkraut was the first thing I tried, and it was awful by itself. But, the other ingredients taste great together.
  • Even if you’re scared, give this recipe a try! We’re going to make this one again.”

6. Original Homemade Italian Beef


  • This recipe is the most like an authentic Chicago-style Italian beef sandwich that you can get outside of Chicago.
  • Choose a sirloin tip roast over a mean if you want a sandwich with less fat.

7. BLT

BLT with Lemon Basil Mayo | The Rustic Foodie®

  • It’s always best to stick with tried-and-true recipes, like this BLT.
  • For the best results, reviewers say to use thick-cut bacon that has been smoked over applewood.
  • However, any kind will do. Tomatoes from your garden or that are in season will really make this sandwich sing.

8. Muffuletta Sandwich

Classic New Orleans Muffuletta Sandwich Recipe

  • With lots of meats and cheeses stacked between two pieces of crusty bread, this classic New Orleans sandwich is like eating heaven.
  • To make the olive salad taste even better, make it ahead of time and let it sit for a few hours.

9. Hot Ham and Cheese Sandwiches

Christy's Awesome Hot Ham and Cheese Recipe

  • Sometimes a cold gammon and cheese sandwich is not enough.
  • If so, make it a hot gammon and cheese by wrapping the sandwiches in foil and slowly steaming them until they’re soft, hot and so tasty you’ll want to lick your fingers.

10. After School Antipasto Pinwheel Sandwiches

After School Antipasto Pinwheel Sandwiches recipe | CookThisMeal.com

  • You can enjoy the taste of a deli-style wrap with these antipasto pinwheels without having to eat a whole sandwich.
  • You can eat them as a snack or make an appetiser that everyone will want to share.

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