The Best Cinnamon Toast Ever!

The Best Cinnamon Toast Ever!:-The best cinnamon toast ever! Why? Its sweet, crunchy, salty, and addictive flavour is perfect. A simple cinnamon toast (crème brulee toast) recipe that always turns out perfect! If you like sweet, crunchy cinnamon toast, I have a treat for you today! The world’s easiest and best cinnamon toast! The reason!

The Best Cinnamon Toast Ever!

Why this cinnamon toast recipe is the best!

  • This cinnamon toast uses a simple cinnamon butter that can be stored in the fridge for caramelised cinnamon toast cravings.
  • It’s made with lots of butter and sea salt for the best buttery cinnamon toast with a hint of salt.
  • These are pan-cooked to evenly melt sugar and butter.
  • The butter crisps and flavours the bread, while the sugar caramelises and forms a delicious caramel crust.
  • End result? Buttery cinnamon toast with creme brulee! Soft, crunchy. Both sweet and salty. This is addicting!
  • No need to use the oven, grill, toaster oven or air fryer. Your stove top and non-stick pan will make the best caramelised cinnamon toast ever. It’s good and simple.
  • See that toast’s shine? Caramelised sugar. A creme brulee top.

Ingredients for cinnamon toast

Unsalted butter 

  • I prefer unsalted butter because I can control the salt.
  • You can also use salted butter.
  • You can use vegan butter!
  • I recommend creamy butter for cinnamon toast for more flavour.
  • White sugar caramelises beautifully and is best for this toast.

Ground cinnamon

  • The recipe’s star! Use your favourite ground cinnamon, but remember that good cinnamon tastes better than supermarket cinnamon.
  • Due to my Ceylonese/Sri Lankan background, I always have access to home-grown, home-produced, irresistibly fresh Ceylon cinnamon from Sri Lanka!
  • I use Korintje cinnamon and Ceylon cinnamon.

Sea salt 

  • Do not skip sea salt. Salt enhances toast flavour.
  • It’s the difference between bland and flavorful cinnamon toast.

Optional ingredients


  • Vanilla extract or sugar adds depth to sweetness.


  • A pinch of nutmeg elevates cinnamon toast! Christmas and holiday-themed cinnamon toast tastes like eggnog thanks to nutmeg!

Black pepper

  • Black pepper adds heat and spice to sweet, crunchy cinnamon toast!

Thick bread slices

  • I recommend using bread slices that are ¾ to 1 inch thick.
  • A thicker slice of bread contrasts the crunchy caramel and the soft buttery inside because the bread is toasted on both sides on a pan.

Extra butter

  • A slice of bread with cinnamon butter on one side can be toasted with butter on the other.
  • The bread will be buttery, crunchy, and flavoured!

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The Best Cinnamon Toast Ever!
The Best Cinnamon Toast Ever!

Cinnamon-butter ratio

  • This cinnamon butter was inspired by my childhood butter-sugar caramel toast mix.
  • For obvious reasons, sugar and butter with toast was my favourite childhood snack, but cinnamon was added later.
  • The ideal sugar-to-butter ratio for cinnamon butter spread is up to you. In my opinion, the best cinnamon sugar butter ratio is 1:1 by weight.
  • Applying too little butter adds too much sugar to toast.
  • However, too much butter makes a greasy toast, and not enough cinnamon sugar mixture creates caramel crunch.
  • For this cinnamon toast recipe, take 1 stick of butter (115 g) and mix it with 115 g of sugar (½ cup + 1 tbsp).
  • I use 1 tsp of high-quality ground cinnamon per stick of butter.
  • This ratio gives your toast the right cinnamon sugar and butteriness.

Other factors to consider

  • Using low-quality supermarket cinnamon may require more cinnamon because the flavour may be weaker.
  • Old ground cinnamon loses potency over time, so you may need to add more to get the same flavour.
  • Using a different cinnamon may require adjusting the amount.
  • I use Korintje cinnamon. Saigon cinnamon is spicier than korintje cinnamon, so use less. Ceylon cinnamon (true cinnamon) tastes floral and subtle, so add more to get a stronger flavour!

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